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Lecture Overview


In this lecture I discuss the contents of the syllabus and specific details regarding this course: What you should expect from me, what I expect from you. We cover how to get VMWare, the Linux we will use, grading scale, how to get help, how to communicate with me, etc. 



     Right click and Save As to download 

  • Installing and configuring Mint
  • NOTE: If you already have Mint installed from the Linux class, you can continue to use that VM. There's no reason to install Linux again if you already have a working VM! 


    • Download Mint:                 00:00:14
    • Create a VM for Mint:        00:02:12
    • Install VMWare Tools:        00:15:22
    • Creating a shared folder:    00:20:38
    • Creating a snapshot            00:21:28 
    • Drag-n-drop demo             00:23:07  









Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations [Paperback]

Bill Nelson (Author), Amelia Phillips (Author), Christopher Steuart (Author)

Publisher: Cengage Learning



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