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Lecture Overview


In this lecture I discuss the contents of the syllabus and specific details regarding this course: What you should expect from me, what I expect from you. We cover how to get VMWare, the Linux we will use, grading scale, how to get help, how to communicate with me, etc.


You'll want the version in this screenshot: Note if you already have a version of Linux installed in a VM then you are all set to go!








Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations [Paperback]

Bill Nelson (Author), Amelia Phillips (Author), Christopher Steuart (Author)

Paperback: 720 pages
Publisher: Cengage Learning; ANY Edition. I don't care what edition, used or new, or where you get it, but you'll need it!
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1435498836
ISBN-13: 978-1435498839




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