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VPN Access

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  • Now that you understand how the FAT file system works how to manually recover a file, we will begin covering the commercial forensic application Forensic Toolkit 6.0 (FTK).  
  • The version of FTK we will use is the full commercial version. I  used my NSF grant funds to purchase a five year academic license for my students.  Normally a copy of FTK runs $3,000 (plus a thousand or so yearly dongle renewal fee), but I'm able to purchase 30 academic licenses for my students. 
  • This license is only to be used for class, you may NOT use it for any commercial purposes. If I find out you are doing that you are violating DSC's academic integrity policy.
  • FTK works off of a hardware dongle.  The dongle resides on a server at DSC.  Before you can run FTK on your home computer you need to install the Palo Alto VPN on your home computer, and configure it to connect to DSC's vpn.  The credentials you use will be your DSC credentials (<firstname>_<lastname>.daytonastate.edu) and your DSC password.
  • After you install and configure the VPN test it to make sure you can connect. 
  • Once you've tested that you can connect you will install the full version of FTK.  There are separate video walkthroughs for the installation process.
  • See the links below for the VPN installation guide and the Palo Alto VPN installer. Not that FTK only runs on Windows, so you'll need to have Access to Windows 7 or above (I've tested it on both Windows 7 and 10).  I
  • If you have any questions post to the Ask the Professor discussion group! 



  • No video, download and follow the instructions in the VPN guide below.



  • None


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